We got 4 containers conveyor belt order from Malaysia

After long time test,our Customer from Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia, end of July,2016,placed 4 containers conveyor belt project order to us, all are 17Mpa, with 180mm3 abrasion loss,  NN150, the delivery time is very rush,  35 days .

Around 9 months ago, they sent first inquiry to us carefully after receiving our promotion email, comparing our prices with their regular suppliers from India, South Korean and Taiwan. They ordered 4 rolls from us, we asked our production guys shorten delivery time for them, 4 weeks later, we started to arrange the shipment. 2 weeks later, they got our cargo, they appreaciated our fast delivery and nice service.

After that, they started to test our products in third party lab, from their feedback, they said Ok, then started to sell our belts to their distributor and end user step by step.

In the past half year, they gave us some FCL or LCL orders, we are sure that they are satisfied about our quality and price now.

It is a good day for new buyer and nuw supplier, test everything from the product surface with our eye, then inner quality with machine.

Just like our Logo "Quliaty & Cooperation"..


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